TransFormation Danse




Registration Procedure & Requirements

TransFormation Danse is a contemporary dance intensive for professional dancers, choreographers, teachers, and emerging artists. A variety of workshops, laboratories and classes are offered on an à la carte basis. The artists themselves choose and design a schedule and programming which best embodies the pursuit of their own artistic development. You can choose to take a single workshop, lab or class or you can benefit from a reduced rate by choosing the full 2 weeks package

Have a valid DAC membership* (2020/21)

Apply for and confirm DAC membership (apply here)
* We at Danse à la Carte are carefully monitoring the global COVID-19 crisis and are following recommendations issued by our federal and provincial governments. To respect the government guidelines and the sanitary protocol we have put in place to ensure the dancers and teacher’s safety in the studio, we are only permitted to accommodate professional DAC members at this time. Should there be a change in sanitary restrictions, the intensive will be open to dancers who do not meet the criteria for a DAC membership. Stay tuned! 


  • Create or log in your Amilia user account

  • Visit the DAC Registration Portal, select TransFormation 2021 and select your workshop choices*

  • The DAC member rebate (30%) will be applied automatically

  • If you wish to benefit from the full 2 weeks package rebate.  (additional 20%), please email a request indicating your workshop choices to and wait for confirmation before proceeding to checkout. * rebate cannot be applied once the payment has been made and the transaction is finalized.*​


Online payments only 

  • Option 1 - Full payment

  • Option 2 - Two instalments

    • First instalment (30%) : registration fee due upon registration

    • Second instalment (70%):  May 20th, 2021

​​Please note that you are responsible for making your own schedule and for choosing classes that do not conflict with each other’s schedules. Please refer to the schedule.

Cancellation and Reimbursement Policy

​Cancellation and reimbursement policy before May 21st, 2021

  • In the case of a full cancellation, the participants will be reimbursed workshop fees minus the 30% registration fees.

  • Reimbursements for cancellations occurring before the beginning of the workshop will be refunded exclusively on April 10th and May 18th, 2021.

Cancellation and reimbursement policy after May 21sh, 2021

  • No reimbursement will be possible except in the case of a force majeure, invalidity, or severe illness. Danse à la Carte requires written proof before any reimbursement will be authorized.

  • For complete or partial cancellation in the case of a force majeure, reimbursement will be emitted for workshop hours not attended starting from the moment a written cancellation is received by the organizers of the workshop. For reimbursement, the notice must be submitted within a minimum of 12 hours before the class. A medical Doctor’s note is required for invalidity or severe illness and reimbursement will be issued for workshop hours as of the date of the official Doctor’s note.

  • Reimbursement for cancellations during the workshop will be refunded exclusively on June 19th, 2021.

  • Should Danse à la Carte cancel the intensive due to Covid-19, all participants will be refunded fully.



  • No change of schedule is permitted unless authorized by the event organizers.

  • Changes that are authorized by the event organizers are subject to the application of an additional administrative fee of $20.

  • No classes can be transferred to another participant.

  • All injuries must be immediately reported to the organizers of the event and participants must complete a report of the event.

  • Participants are aware of the physical risks of doing the workshop and know their medical history. With this in mind, it is the responsibility of the participant to choose classes that respect their physical limits. At all times, participants can decide not to do a certain movement or sequence.